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We were remodeling a kitchen in September of 2003 for a customer in Edwardsville, IL. We did a standard kitchen demo and broke it down to the studs so we could put in new wiring, plumbing and insulation and then put in drywall, finish, and a new coat of paint. Next we installed the kitchen cabinets and one of the base cabinets was to be a kitchen trash can in the cabinet. The customer didn’t realize how little actual base cabinet space she had after it was installed and wanted to have that space back. The kitchen was a very small area but I told her “you might have to put the wastebasket on the floor or some place or under sink.” The customer felt it wouldn’t look very good on the floor and putting it under the sink takes up too much space. I told we would have to come with way to this happen.

I looked at different supply houses to see if I could find anything that would solve the wastebasket issue. I began looking at ways to hang a wastebasket on cabinet door and made many different types of hanging devices, some that attach to wastebasket and some that attach to lip of the basket.

After numerous attempts I found a shape for the cabinet mount trash can that would work and I installed it so the customer could try it and she loved it! The customer still had access to the back of the cabinet but the wastebasket was out of sight and off the floor. 
This is how Murphco was started.

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