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Will the Trash-O-Matic install on 30” sink base cabinet?
Yes this kitchen trash can in the cabinet will install right on the cabinet door.

Is there a wastebasket that will work with Trash-o-Matic that will use plastic bags you get at the store? 
Yes it’s called recycle-a-bag teamed together you have inexpensive and very convenient way to manage you waste.

Will I still be able to store items in my sink base cabinet? 
Yes there is still plenty of space left in the back of the cabinet, because the Trash-O-Matic moves out of the way when you open the cabinet door.

Can I use the Trash-O-Matic for trash and recycling?
Yes By purchasing two of these cabinet mount trash cans  and putting one on each sink base cabinet door!

How will the Trash-O-Matic keep my pets out of the kitchen wastebasket.? 
Your pets will no long see your wastebasket because it’s under you sink.

What comes with the trash can mount, Trash-O-Matic?
Spanner bar, shoe, receiver and hardware wastebasket sold separately.

Will you offer a waste basket in the future?
Yes we have one on the drawing board that will be offered.

I have a sail boat the every time we put the sails out and or on our way the wastebasket falls over; would the Trash-O-Matic fix this problem?
Yes I have some customers using the device on their sail boats for this problem.

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